Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special Blog for My Adopted school in TEXAS

Don't worry my regular blog follows this
Do the students get to choose their electives?
Yes they have core courses they must take such as history, math, geography, Thai , sciences as part of their studies and then they can take other courses.   English is part of the curriculum very early on, as early as 2nd grade and many are fluent by the time they are in the 6th grade.   English is totally different from Thai so they have a steep learning curve.  You might want to take a quick look at             to see how it is written

How is the crime rate, are the markets safe?
Thailand has an exceptionally low crime rate with the exception of pick pocket and petty crime.  The Buddhist faith has a huge impact on these people and they regard everyone with kindness.   It is nicknamed the land of smiles and for good reason.   All I need to do is say Sawthee ca and I get a HUGE smile.   So I feel quite comfortable walking around the market place.   It helps that I am also 6 inches plus higher than all of them also.  

Is the food safe?
Thailand grows nearly all its own food, importing little from anywhere else.   The dairy farms are near me here in Chiangmai so getting milk is easy...even skimmed milk that I drink...

Is lunch provided?
Lunch is provided at a cost...My lunch the other day was 22 baht ...That translates to about 75 cents and that is pretty expensive lunch.  The average students probably pays in the area of around 50 cents per day for the meal and of course you can guess what the main ingredient is...yes short and white....HMM RICE

Traffic is just a game you play...So far I am a winner, no motorbike has mowed me down.  I will try and send you a picture of a TUK TUK ...those drivers are manics 

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  1. Thank you, thank you! Love all the pictures. Keep track of how many dragons you find during your stay! Thanks for the website on the Thai language. We'll have more questions for you by Friday.