Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28 PPP at Shipi Mong and a BIG BANG

So lets work backwards...I was in my apartment at 3:00PM when we had this HUGE BIG LOUD Bang...get the picture we are talking big here. Usig two adjectives and an adverbial is a little over the top but was BIG. In a split second no electric, no internet and dead silence...well a scream but that was just some drama. A transformer blew up outside our apartment building..quite cool.
Well after we figured out no one was dead or otherwise seriously hurt we inquired about how long it would be out. 20 minutes...Hmm everything here is 20 minutes so that is suspect. So here I am at an internet cafe at 5:10 PM and no electric in the apartment. I have discovered a practical application of Future Tense here...Sometime in the future we will get electric. But alas you all know T.I.T.
The school day was interesting. One my colleagues ...British I might add decided to do some early celebrating of her successful course completion. She misjudged and was not well this morning. Then the school sent too many students to class for 10:30 AM...Who was teaching at 10:30..that's right ME? So instead of 10 students I had 37 and material for only 12. So like the loaves and fish story I had to make it expand...Not quite the 5000 from biblical times but a bit of a challenge anyway. So I found a copy machine...NO one at BA better ever complain about copy machines if you saw the one I had to work with...Just short of cranking it up to get it to work...It was a Xerox...1 copy per 10 seconds...
I was talking about fruit and parallel actions...I choose Durian...Local fruit from southeast Asia that you will see on this blog. However, the key feature of this fruit is that it STINKS. When you open it up you feel like you have arrived at the Local Boy Scout Outhouse. So why would people eat it...well it tastes like custard inside...SO you combine the outhouse and custard and you get the picture. They all loved that I used the Durian. For parellel actions I choose swimming and jumping....So while of students was swimming I was jumping...It got the point across...
I got a great evaluation from Jana...and headed back to celebrate at my outdoor Thai style starbucks. BUT ice tea is only 0.60$ good deal...
So, some pictures are included of my gang today...


  1. I'm still curious to taste. But I want you to serve it at your house. I see them this time of year for sale in Chinatown on way home from work.

  2. Well I can tell you that in Bangkok you can smell them a half a block away. The taste is fine...I can attest to that but the SMELL..YUCK!!!

  3. To David -- hope that you last day in the field classroom today was fabulous and enjoy the celebration dinner tonight.

    To Pete -- we'll pass on bringing it to our house...but maybe we'll bring one some evening to your place.

    To all of the "adopted nieces and nephews" in Ms. Wakefield's class in Texas -- this is Uncle David's last few days at the school and then he will be doing some traveling around. Hope that you have enjoyed seeing his blog and this is your opportunity to ask some final questions (while he still has steady internet access).

  4. Sorry we have not asked questions lately. We have been enjoying all the pictures and the great descriptions in your blog. We are kind of sad that it is coming to an end. We really only have one last question. Why do most of the students hold up the peace sign with their fingers when you take their picture? Very curious. The students hope you can come visit sometime. Of course, Garner is not as interesting as Thailand and their isn't a Starbucks here, but we do have the local Garner store and I'm sure they have some Sweet Tea for you! Thanks again. You can always bring us some stinky fruit!

  5. The holding up of the peace sign is done all over Asia and no one knows why they do it. I asked that question several times and get the same answer...We dont know. The MOMENT you bring a camera out they all do it. I will be doing blogs over the next couple of days from Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lampur and Melaka Malaysia ...ALl dependent on internet access so keep checking...I will be likely doing one today but tomorrow I have to head to the train station so may have to skip a day...I could bring a Durian from the asian market in NY BUT I assure you it STINKS...Great taste but it STINKS..
    I would love to come and something out in the spring to visit