Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9 Team Teaching

So here I am again ..Friday night in Chiangmai, just came back from Central Shopping Plaza getting some life necessities.  
So today was AWESOME!.  I teamed taught today with Stephen, from the UK but lives in Chiangrai north of where we are right now. 
I am just going to hit you with some school pictures tonight to give you a feel what is like to teach here in Thailand.  
My group today was a level 2 group so there English was just OK.   My job here is to work on language structure and how they say the words.   They have an interesting way  on how some words are pronounced.  They only hear the language from a Thai teacher.  The classrooms are nice sized but the average Thai classroom also has about 45 students in it...My space on Friday was big as I was in the language arts section of the school as as  newer building much larger rooms.   We have a dream situation in as compared to the average Thai teacher.   We split the average class in half and each of us take only about 20 students.     One building on the campus is really noisy as it is adjacent to a playground.
No discipline issues here...We are like GOD to them....LOVE THIS POWER
Please also now read Day 8 which is an in depth look at my first day at my school



  1. Like the idea of using songs for signaling change of classes.... How is the English of the students? And how is your Thai coming along? Everything looks very clean and am I interpreting the pictures correctly -- are the classrooms big giant rooms just broken up into sections? If yes -- is there a noise level to contend with? How many students (in total) are in the class that you were working with?
    I'm sure there are NO discipline issues....

  2. I had a level 2 group so there English was just ok. My job is to work on how they say the words as they know the grammar but only from hearing it from Thai teachers.
    The classrooms are nice sized with average classroom numbers about 45 students. My space was big as I was in the language arts section of the school and as a newer building much larger rooms. Because of our situation we have 16 to 20 per class as they usually split the average class in half and give it to two groups of us. One building is adjacent to a playground so that bank of classrooms is really noisy.
    NO DISCIPLINE ISSUES at all We are like a GOD to them....Love this power

  3. David,

    Paul gave me this link, and I have enjoyed reading about your adventure..Looking forward to reading more...I am proud to be your cousin... Janet