Friday, January 16, 2009


So how many of you last studied grammar.   You know adverbs, verb phrases, simple sentences and complex sentences, compounded verbs and phrasals.   We spent all day today just doing this stuff and I learned a new ones called gerunds.   I guess maybe when I went to Grade 3 in Mrs Findley's class we did not cover them.   BUT alas I am now up to speed on gerunds.

We had a new adventure for lunch today, we went to the student cafeteria and hit a bargain.   I had a full lunch for just 15 cents and a bottle of water for 5 cents.   Now that is what I call a deal.  I had chicken, with peppers and tomatoes in a lovely hot peanut sauce and sauteed spinach.   Great meal and what a deal.

Tonight we are going to attempt going to the Italian restaurant again and see if we have success this time.  

I promised you that I would post a picture of my 20 baht per ride please see the bright red Sawngthaew.

So I will give you a report later on my Italian adventure if it works out


  1. So what happened to the Pizza place?

  2. Hi Hutch...

    Ain't technology great? Oooooopps!! Bad grammar on my part. So you didn't tell us what a gerund is. I've joined on to follow your adventure thanks to Sarah. It sounds wonderful. Look forward to your next post. Connie

  3. you didn't know what a gerund was?

  4. NO and my British friend that sits next to me also never heard of it....I now know what it is?...

  5. The Pizza place is on tap for tonight....We had a small crisis here last night with our group one of our members lost her medication and she is manic depressive so she went into a tailspin. Tom and I plus Laura had some major work to do last night with her family so we kind of lost the night....BUT we are hopeful it will be either Sat or Sun now