Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 Sri Ping Muang School ...

YIPPEE....That cost me .5 points today...Not permitted to use slang terms in class even if they are part of the culture of a English speaking country.  I was only trying to be a cowboy...   
But that is OK I got a 1.5 which is EXCELLENT.  In Asia because 1 is considered the most important number everything focuses on that number.   So in the USA students want to get a 4.0 which is a perfect A  Here you want to get as close to 1 as possible as that is the A.   So I am now just like the rest of the Asian students...I want to get a 1
But today was amazing, I had such a great group of students and they were very involved.   Of course me sliding along the floor like a scooter and making tiger sounds might have helped some.    My slithering like a snake caught their attention, no I did not crawl along the floor like a snake.  One boy was a Boy Scout and he was a little lively, I gave him the official international scout salute symbol (it helps to know that one from another life).  He immediately came to attention and settled down...YIPPEE.  So we are doing more advanced training now and I get to do charades and Wheel of Fortune  Laura from Manchester...yes Sarah you saw that right was Vanna and I staffed the podium.  In charades I impersonated a great shark white shark.   I wanted to do jumping monkey's but someone else drew that card.    
We do our normal grammar stuff,  am getting that down pretty well now...
So tonight is the big night...Miranda from Laos  formally from St Louis,  Craig an Aussie from Adelaide and I are heading to the secret Italian restaurant and having Pizza.   Yes, I know I am in the Asian culture and should be eating the food ...but hey how much rice can I eat in one month.  I really love Thai food but three meals a day of it is straining my taste buds for something I know...It is not going to be quite Ray's Original Pizza but I can even settle for pizza with lemon grass and coriander....Just no rice!
So my niece in Dallas asked about the Dragon I encountered on the street yesterday.   Chinese New Year's is coming up here at the end of the month.   So Dragon encounters will likely increase as we get closer to the day.    I saw another one on campus today and it was orange so they come in a variety of colors.   It was too far away to capture a good picture, but I am now on the lookout for loose dragons running around.  Oh Kathy, by the way that poem is much longer I will get send the whole thing when I am 12 times zones west or east of here.  ....Some of it is very funny...  Hmm 12 time zones so if i start digging a big hole today will I wind up in Long Island City....Not likely with my luck it would be Guantanamo Bay or something..
So I thought I might share some pictures of my "kids" today....They were really super note how they are all dressed up ...It is 62 here and they think it is freezing cold.   I had a shirt on and they kept asking me if I was cold.
So I know you are all getting ready to get up as I write this and I am getting ready to go for PIZZA

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  1. What a GREAT day you had -- hope that the pizza was good... huhmmmm Thai Pizza -- okay tomato, mozzarella (can they get a decent quality of that there?), lemongrass, and cilantro, maybe throw in a little fresh pineapple... could be interesting... looking forward to tomorrow's post.