Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11 Sunday in Chiangmai Final

First and foremost, today is really a special day for me because my friends Sarah and Mike in Ohio have gotten the call to go to the Ukraine to start their adoption process.  They are following my blog and gave me the news today...
My early day today was pretty boring, did laundry, cleaned my apartment and did 4 hours of homework.   However, did have a pretty cool interaction at the copy center, I had to figure it all out as it was all in Thai.   Did OK, but it does help that I know windows pretty well...So even if the words were in Thai, I could kind of figure out by location.  
However, I am heading out now to the Sunday market to find my tablecloth lady in the market.   So when I return I will give you all an update about my market experience..lots of stuff and a credit card with money on it...BAD COMBINATION for me...I know I know...I can't but unless I know where it is going...
Oh yea go to the bottom of the blog and look at the house I was considering buying...just kidding Paul.   but is was only 61,000 dollars and included a maid's quarters and swimming pool..
So I am back from the market, some great stories to tell of course
First, I was walking down the street and a truck went by with speakers on it, and all of a sudden started to play "Stars and Stripes Forever"  For a minute I thought I was back in Dallas where I spend much of my summer.  One of the songs we used in our training class this summer was Stars and Stripes forever.   So Ursula and Sarah the program is following me around.
Second, I was in the market when music started to play over the loudspeakers.   In a split second 10,000 plus people came to complete silence as they played the national Anthem of Thailand.  It was indeed very cool
Third, my tablecloth lady could not be found so I had to go to a new one.   She wanted 1,000 baht (about $30.00) for silk table cloth (I would question the silk piece...I dont think any worm had a part in this table cloth...more like an oil well somewhere)   Anyway, I offered her 400 baht and she of course nearly toppled over...lots of the end I got it for 600 about 20 bucks.  So I got a lovely red tablecloth made of Thai silk and cotton, I question the silk part but I can test that when I get home.   
Lastly, on my walk home I decided to count the kind and types of stores in the last 1/3 mile of my trip home.  So here goes...9 7Elevens, yes you see that right, 7 drug stores, 2 mini marts,  3 dental clinics and more pushcarts restaurants than you could possibly imagine.   I am convinced no one eats at home here,  you can get a meal for about $0.75 so why dine at home.  They set up a pushcart, put a few tables and chairs on the sidewalk and you have instant outdoor dining.   
Oh yea and finally I got a foot massage, they were offering a discount tonight so how could you turn down a 1/2 hour foot massage for just $0.75 cents
OK off to study my Thai role play for tomorrow, I am a scruffy back packer trying to find a cheap rafting trip...Kind of doubles as a trip and shower all at the same time..
So talk to you tomorrow it is almost Monday here already

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  1. So glad you hit the ground running--even without a voice. Keep the narrative coming.