Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24 Cooking School Number 3

Ah it is Saturday here in lovely Chiang Mai and and that means cooking school day.  So today we made the following
Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup...HMM this one was excellent..but the idea of taking the shrimp apart does not totally work for me...The shrimp kept staring at me from the pot...Kind of creeped me out.  
Then Pad version...This is called Thai Fast food by the locals as you can make it in 5 minutes..
Green Curry with chicken....VERY HOT...Lips still was awesome
Chicken Salad...this one was really great...totally different than anything I had anything like it before...Note how nice it looks on the plate....
Thai Fish Cakes...these are widely available in Thailand and are really delicious..
Lastly Ruby Chestnut dessert...This one was really colorful sparking on the plate
At the request of some of you I am posting some pictures of some of my masterpieces today.   Sorry the Dessert did not get posted...I ate it before I remembered to take a picture.   However, you can just see the edge of my cooking neighbors next to my chicken salad. I love these cooking classes.  You make it and then eat it...Now how good is that..
Then I took my usual town stroll, stopped at Starbucks to hang out with some frang had my normal western ice tea.  Then haggled with the Tuk Tuk to take me home.   Now I am writing  my blog and STUDY grammar...Now that is a pretty exciting Saturday evening don't you think.
Hope you all have a great Saturday,  mine was great..


  1. Heh -- I think I'm going to really come out ahead here -- I'm looking forward to some elegant cuisine when you return.

    To give us all a clearer idea of what "Traffic Dodge Ball" is like -- particularly the class in Texas -- why don't take some photos of the traffic for us...

    Also -- are you going to share with us a photo of the 3 piece mask -- or is this going to be a secret?

    Have fun rafting...

  2. We'll be looking forward to your new culinary skills once you get home. Just remember no garlic, curry, or cherry pie.