Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27 PPP ...More Advanced Classes on Grammar LOL

So Tomorrow I am going to my favorite teaching school and we are doing Past Tense Continuous parallel actions and Past Tense Continuous Atmosphere.    "I was ironing , while Debbie was fixing the car."   So while that may seem like a simple enough sentence it can be a real challenge to give them a context they can understand.   I am doing parallel tomorrow, so I think  I am going to be doing a running and dancing scene...I contemplated the singing aspect but there are a lot of dogs near the school and any bad noise sets them into a barking frenzy.  Additionally, there is a rooster that lives on the grounds of the school and if he dislikes something you do he just starts to do his cock a doddle do  and he is LOUD.
Oh here is the big adventure of the day.   I went to get a T shirt for Chiang Mi university.  So I ask the administrator Karim where the bookstore was.   He said oh here is a map and it is easy to find..that statement coming from a Thai is suspect.  So I set off to go to the far reaches of the campus to locate the book store.   OK I found the library...hard to miss big building with lots of books.   NOW per the map the book store was right next to the library..but there were two buildings on the campus that were not on the map..That leads me to believe the map is faulty..
So I ask someone...I was in luck the map had the building name in Thai and English...So the girls both laughed and told me in PERFECT English...even their tense was right that the bookstore closed a year ago...So tomorrow I am going to hunt Karim down and tell him to get a new map.  
I went to my chicken lady tonight and my Thai Starbucks...Note the love is blind T shirt...I saw it there.   Also, you will see the local dog, who ALWAYS barks at me when I go there...I am trying to work out a truce with him NO SUCCESS so far.  
So now I have 25 little cards to cut out one which has a picture of a durian on it...I will tell you about the stinky fruit tomorrow...SO enjoy the pictures...


  1. So you haven't been able to "befriend" "Man's best friend"? Maybe he is just trying to tell you that he wants you to play with him. You have 3 more days to get him to be your friend. And what's did you do about the Changmai University T-Shirt? surely they have to be sold somewhere there -- after all they are probably made somewhere in the area.

    Enjoy your day out in the field and your Past tense continuous parallel actions.

  2. Fish dish looks nice? Looks too raw for me.
    My advice is don't eat it until well cooked.
    Or you'll be doing some future paralleling actions in your bathroom.