Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2 London, England More Info added

First no picture today, posting from Internet Cafe and they wont let me use my camera port...

So here I am in the UK where it is sunny..yea unusual for this time of year. Have a lovely view of the Earl#s Court Tube station..(subway). Had a great flight over from New York, left and arrived right on time. As usual was able to sleep the whole flight...thank goodness for the sleep in motion gene.
So maybe it is time to tell you exactly what I am doing in Thailand. I am attending the Teaching of Foreign Language Institute (TEFL) in Chiang Mai. It is about 500 kilometers or so north of Bangkok in the mountain region of Thailand. Chiang Mai is the 2nd largest city in Thailand and in addition to having the largest university outside of Bangkok it is also known as the centre of imaginative Thai culinary training. So yes on my days out of the English teaching know diagraming sentences, verbs, nouns, adjectives etc; I will also be attending a few cooking classes to learn how to make Thai food. This means less visits to the Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant in my neighborhood and more visits to the Asian Pacific Market in Jackson Heights.
Anyway, that is today's rap for you...
Oh for you aviation buffs, I am traveling on British Airways flight number 9 tonight at 430 PM New York time from London to Bangkok. 11 hours and 45 min flying time...

So I left off with lunch with David and Ursula, well we went to the Wolsley in London, nice restaurant with great menu....So who said the British can't make great food.
Anyway we were sitting there and who walks in Cameron Diaz, Thought about taking a picture but probably a little tacky...So you you just have to trust it was really her...Her date was not as good looking as Justin Timberlake, so she has gone down.
So then dinner with Margaret and John who is a LONG time friend of mine and then off to the airport.
So I started in 36A window economy...then 14G Club Class and then when I went to board it became a single number you can well imagine I had a fabulous trip even if it was 11 plus hours of flying.
So now you can read day 3...

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