Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 Finally in Thailand

So I landed at the impressive new Bangkok Airport...It is huge and I mean huge. It was nearly a half mile from where the plane landed to customs and immigration. It looks a lot like the Denver airport but designed like the Sydney Opera house. So they let me in for 30 days but not anymore......Great and then I did a quick transit..decided not to do the ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK thing and headed right to Chiang back on a plane for another hour...Big downgrade, economy class .
I collected my baggage yea it all made it...Good going British Airways and after trying to explain where I wanted to go with my lousy Thai and his dreadful English, I got to my Apartment.
So of course you would want to see the place..After all it is called a Mansion is but the first thing I found out is the internet is not working today...They promise to have it fixed tomorrow so pictures will be forthcoming
All settled in and currently at a internet cafe...10 baht for an hour that is twenty five us cents. Not bad...The place is full of teenagers playing games on the computer...
Off now for a plate of Pad Thai and then bed...

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  1. Glad that you made it safely (including your baggage) -- and had very comfortable service and seating on BA (but would we expect anything less) -- after all you are Special.. Enjoy the Pad Thai and get some rest. Looking forward to hear about Sunday as you begin to explore your environs. FYI it is in the low 30's here in NYC -- Sunny but very windy.