Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7 Basic Grammer....UGH

Who is this?
This is my sister
What does she do?
She is a nurse
Where does she work?
In a hospital.

Now try doing that 40 times and keep smiling and showing enormous enthusiasm. That was the context of my day
I also have a mother who is a teacher, brother who is a monk, cousin who is a butcher etc etc
Then four of us spent the rest of the day getting ready to teach our class tomorrow. I have never written so much stuff in my life, you are not allowed to use computers for the class because they assume the lowest possible denominator. So here I am with lousy handwriting doing lesson plans in intricate detail. Kristen who is one of my classmates told me she had writers cramp and was going to get a massage, I thought that was a pretty lame reason, but if it works for her it works for me, so off I went to get another massage. WRITERS cramp you know.
So tomorrow is the BIG DAY I am with 15 students from a government school.  I am practicing my Thai greeting folded hands and saying sawthee. Then we join them for lunch and then I get playground duty...yea
Now for my niece and her class in Texas about what I am eating. I am going to give you a brief rundown today and then give you some more pictures tomorrow. One thing I have found out about Thailand is that the Internet is not consistent. Tonight I am in an Internet cafe with 35 teenagers all playing computer games and the Internet in my hotel room 200 feet away is not working.
So today I had Padthai for lunch which is flat rice noodles with chicken and lots of veggies. It is probably one of the most popular meals in Thailand. Then for dessert I had a sculptured pineapple which was probably only picked off the vine yesterday. It is so so sweet. Of course if in Thailand you must have Thai ice tea which is regular ice tea with coconut milk in it.
Sorry to bore you with breakfast it was just corn flakes. After I do this blog I am heading to my new found street vendor friend for a fresh strawberry yogurt.
But I have a lot of homework tonight, I have to do 20 flashcards for class tomorrow.
You know.....

Who is this?
This is my nephew
What does he do?
He is a TV reporter
Where does he work?
In a TV studio.

So long for now...oh by the way it is 85 here right now...HEAVEN


  1. But you didn't share with everyone that you still haven't fully recovered your voice. It should be an interesting day on Thursday for you to teach with the way your voice sounded today. Hope it improves in the next days. I say Gargle with salt water --- anyone else have some good homeopathic suggestions??

  2. My class and I thank you for updating us on the food. We really are very fascinated. We had to look up the exchange rate between a USD and Thailand money. They didn't believe that shake was only $.25. They all want one! We have so many questions but decided to ask about your students. How long is a typical school day? How many days a week do they attend school? Do the schools have "breaks" like American schools (summer, spring, etc)?

    Hope your first day went well and that your voice is better. Thanks again.

  3. Ok schools run from May to Feb with all of them closing during the really hot spring season. It is 82 here today and in April it gets really hot and humid. Typically they attend 5.5 days per week. I will have lots of details in my blog either today or tonight. I taught my first class today in the school so I have pictures etc.
    They have some other holiday period breaks but I dont know those right now...I will however get all that as I see them again tomorrow...I is already later Thursday evening here as I write this...Stay tuned