Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25 Happy New Year, White Water Rafting and the Sunday Market

Happy Lunar New Year, the year of the Ox.  
So on my last Sunday, I decided to head off to a day of rafting on the Manam River which flows north of the city.   They have class 3 and 4 rapids on the river and it is very fast moving river..I was team up with 2 brothers and sister from Peru.  Andrea was a naturalist, who was a specialist in Asia wildlife.   I can tell you I saw every butterfly, bug and bird along the river.   >>Oh she also pointed out great flowers...not picture.  She had eagle eyes and could spot stuff really easily.  Additionally, every time went through a rapid she would scream.  Her brother told me that she did that for effect.
However, let me back up a little.  Before we hit the river we had lunch and then a quick instruction on how to survive on the river and then off we went.  My instructor was great ..English was excellent and turned out to be a really nice guy. His picture is on here today.   He showed me the footbridge...put me out on it and then started to jump up and down....It was like a giant trampoline.  
Then we headed back to Chiang Mai and since this is Sunday...what do I always got it the Sunday Market.   I got trapped in the throng...then I got hungry so it was time to eat.   So finally, after keeping you in suspense I had PIZZA.  It was interesting...looked will see picture, but then they served chili sauce with it...Of course they serve chili sauce with everything here so why should this one be any different.  Oh yea, forget to tell you,, I had a jacket made while I was here, and did a fitting on it ...just 35 dollars for a custom made jacket ..not bad ..he then conned me in to making a shirt...gave me some line about that with this jacket I should get this shirt made...Somehow I fell for it...Then I felt guilty and had to skip my normal stop at Starbucks.  BUT I did have PIZZA yea..
The pizza was huge and guess what I had for breakfast this morning.  Yes cold pizza, felt like I was back at Penn State...
Note the raft and then the bamboo rafts...we did not use them BUT you can...They call it a more primitive experience.

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