Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8...Wattonthaipapap School

SO the big day is over!  Teaching in Thailand.  So here goes.
Wattonthaipapap school is a government school with about 2000 children in it.   I would classify it as Junior High in the USA.  My class was equivalent of 9th graders.  
So some specifics about teaching in Thailand.   One you never wear shoes in the classroom..Love that concept.   They announce the change of classes not by some dreadful bell but using international songs.   So this morning we heard home on the range, and the theme from Chariots of Fire.   When the students come in they all sit down quietly and then when you say Sawthee and use the WAI, the stand up together and say "good morning teacher"  and give you a very high WAI response.  Everyone wears a uniform to class each day and in my school it is blue.   In Thailand the teacher is considered one of the highest level roles you can hold in society as you are educating their future.   So bearing that in mind every action you take is observed and evaluated by a student.   You never take your feet off the floor, thus you never cross your legs as it could mean pointing your feet at someone and that is considered highly offensive.  Under no circumstances do you ever touch any child on top of the head, as the head is considered the most sacred part of their body.   Just a little bit about customs of Thailand for you.  
So we were working in teams of four with each of us presenting sections of this HIGHLY structured lesson plan that give you ZERO latitude.  One of the team members from the University is watching every word you say and every move you make.   If you say one thing wrong or leave one thing out you fail that piece of the lesson.   So out of 20 in the class no one got a 1 or 2 a lot of us got a 3 and several got a 4.   However, keep in mind 1 is the A and 4 is the F.   They were most critical of me for allowing my group to choral on one of my flashcards.   That means they recite along with me as I say it.   Amie, my advisor told me I might have gotten a 2 if I had not allowed it but the best she could give me was a 3.   She did say that I have great presentation style and certainly am comfortable in a classroom.   That being said it is still an experience of a lifetime.  
After we finished teaching at 4PM we got our assignments for Friday...Teach teaching.   A very long day Thursday
So that gives you an update on my first teach day.   


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  1. and pleaes tell us how to pronounce the school name......