Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5 Classroom

Ok I should have this all correct now and the date will line up.   So today was the first day of class, I have 21 in my class from all over the world.    A few Brits,,,that will make Anthony and Sarah happy.  My instructor is an American along with one from Italy who is fluent in English, Italian and Thai.  
The campus is beautiful see building picture.  We learned all about grammar today and then did practice role plays in language presentation.   We have our first classroom trip on Thursday at a Junior High School in a nearby town.  Sorry don't have a lot to say today, got a cold in London and not feeling so hot today...


  1. So with an instructor that is fluent in Italian -- does this mean that you are finally going to learn some Italian (other than Ciao and Pronto?)

    (Sorry but I couldn't resist)

  2. HI David. My 6th grade World History class here in Garner, TX is following your adventures. Some of the students were wondering what type of food will you be eating? If possible, can you post some pictures of the market too. We look forward to hearing more about Thailand.
    Thanks- Mrs. Kathy Wakefield

  3. Yes I will post a bank of them when I go to the Sunday market later this week. The cricket one I posted was taken at the market. I will put some in along the way for you....

  4. I will shoot some pictures of my meals...well at least the ones where I know exactly what I am eating...I will then describe it for you I am going to a Thai cooking class this Saturday all day