Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31 A Heavenly Experience

Saturday started off by running in to one of the learners starting this Monday. I gave him the rundown over a glass of iced tea at my Thai outside starbucks. Then off to the Oasis Spa in downtown Chiang Mai. What an experience! I was assigned a room of my own which was complete with two massage tables, lots of flowers and a full bath. They started with an orange rind body was morning so you should have your orange juice. Then a quick Thai massage to get you relaxed. Then a full oil massage and finally a facial. I felt 10 years younger when I left.
Went back to my room, packed up and got ready for my ride to the train station. Arrived at the train station in plenty of time even with a stop at the flower market to capture some good pictures. Tomorrow I will update you on my train ride as I consider it a Saturday-Sunday experience. I am now in HOT Bangkok...88 and 92 per cent humidity...UGH

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