Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 4 Sutrep Soi in Chiangmai

Still trying to work out this internet thing with the hotel, hope to have it resolved this afternoon so pictures can be posted.
So the time change is killing me, woke up wide awake at 4am today..ready to go and it was pitch black outside. However, did get a welcome to Thailand from mother nature with a ground quiver from the Indonesia earthquake...Kind of a welcome to Thailand and lets shake things up a little.
Took a walk around my new neighborhood and found several good places to eat and found my language building on the campus of ChiangMai university. The campus is about the size of JFK airport so a lot of walking to find my place.
Beautiful day here today, sun is shining and a high of 82 is set for later today.
Going to the Sunday market today, suppose to be the high point of the week for the city so I have to go check it out. Then a quick trip to the night market and home.
Hope everyone is having a great day, I sure am...
My question of course is why does everyone look the same here, real lack of diversity here...Black hair and brown eyes are really in...

Oh yea having a 2 hour Thai massage this afternoon very expensive $10.25 HA!


  1. Hi David, Glad to see you made it... I know you said the time difference is messing you up.. shouldn't your day 4 be Sunday 4 January not Saturday 3 January:)

  2. Yes I will fix that this evening as I am now going to post at end of day so the clocks in Google will have shifted to the next day. Tough being 15 hours ahead of google.
    So I will give you a run down on eating grasshoppers tonight