Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29 Last Teach Session

I did it I got a 1.25 which is about the highest score you can get...You have to make some mistake I got it from Jana who is one of the toughest graders in the school.   She handed it to me and said well done I have no feedback for you...YEA...what a great way to end.
I had 33 today, quite a lively group of 13 year olds.   Session went well BUT one whose picture is shown was truly the class ringleader.   We had a funny incident during the class.   My friend Matthew walked in about 5 minutes after I started as he had been teaching just before me in another room.   Well Matthew is about 6'6 inches tall and thin as a rail...The students all raised their heads at the same time to see how far up he went.   
So we talked again about parallel occurances in Past Contintuous with a focus on pronouns of We, They, He, She and I.  The whole class went off well and in the game at the end they were really good at it.   Just a perfect way to have the last class go.   We then had lunch with the "kids" in their cafeteria...Pad already know Thai fast food.    Then a couple of kids from my class stacked themselves on top of one another's shoulders to see if they could reach Matthew's height.   Too bad I did not get a picture of it, we were laughing so hard we forgot to take the picture.  They did a three person stack and they reached his eye brows.  
So tonight we have our big dinner out...Looking forward to it as it has been a LONG month of hard work.   I get to do a retake on the grammar exam tomorrow along with several others but I am very confident now since I have been teaching it so much.  
Oh  we got our power back after a 5 hour outage...I told you they use 20 minutes very liberally here.  The most exciting thing was watching them change the transformer...Now I suspect you will think I need to get a real live here, but 5 of us were kind of watching the process to see if they dropped the transformer.  When they clicked the fuse on it really sparked...Kind of like a Chinese new year's fireworks.
So enjoy my pics...Makei is the one standing next to me even though he told me his name was Don...I think not...
Oh yea...found out today that he   if said like heeeeee is a really vulgar term in Thai.  I won't do that one again...I said Heeeee ______ I was trying to get them to give me the answer only to find out that they all burst out laughing.  

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  1. Congratulations -- getting a 1.5 --- and enjoy your celebration dinner and good luck in the morning on your exam. And now to the next adventures.