Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6 2nd Day of class and laundry day

Sawathee//Thai for hello   you add Ca if female and Cup if male.  
So how exciting does the laundry piece sound.  Well while some of you go into a basement or a corner of the house..I will be doing my laundry outside under a palm tree and 82 degrees temps/ So to prove it I of course have to supply a photo.  Price is right also at 25 cents per load...
So today we did grammar in context, we had to draw pictures to represent things and they then would throw these tough questions at us about what we drew.   I had to draw a hospital and they told me it looked like a church with the cross on it....  We also did warmup drills using English to introduce one another.   It was such a basic exercise but the trainers who both speak Thai kept responding to us in Thai.   So we had to get them to say it in English. 
Thursday morning is our big day where we go to the first school to teach a class of Junior High kids.     The have put Matthew and I together as project teachers.   Matthew is 6'6" tall and a fine lad from the UK.  However, he is having a tough time finding shoes to teach in as he has a size 14 foot.  
My cold is improving and finally getting more than 2 hours of sleep a night with this time change.   They drug store gave me this herbal supplement to make me sleep.   I took it at 9PM last night and slept right through to 8AM this morning.   Half the day I felt like a total space cadet....Needless to say, I need to reduce that dosage.   
The more exciting news is that I have now lost my voice....Or it squeaks and pops.   I am of course hopeful it will be back by Thursday or Matthew will be on his own
The youngest person in the class is Tom from the USA at 19 and the oldest is Don from the UK at 63.   
So that wraps my blog for today...Off to dinner now... I am getting kind of ok and ordering now in Thai..however, I do make mistakes and get the wrong things sometimes.   I ate something last night which I was not quite sure what it was but it was great...It might have been python.  


  1. So you have a squeaky voice -- that should be entertaining. Is there anyone else in the class also still recovering from jet-lag? Don't forget to take pictures of the food for Ms. Wakefields class.

    The price of the laundry is expensive (LOL).

  2. size 14 shoe. hmmm. I'm intrigued. Got any pics?