Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21 Pub Party, Graduation and Teaching

The last 24 hours have been awesome!   My instructor called me around 8 last night and told me I had to go to the inag party with him.   However, when I explained that I had a lot of work to do because of him; he said so what, you can't miss this event.   So around 930 he picked me up on his motor bike and off we went to the UN Irish Pub in downtown Chiang Mai.  
When we got there it was filled with about 200 plus displaced Americans who were there for the same purpose.  To be together as one to see the inauguration.    We had spring rolls,  Thai fish cakes and a glass of wine to celebrate the event.   So at exactly midnight our time it all happened.   I hit the sack here in Chiang Mai at 130 am and it was worth every minute of lost sleep.  A few shots of us at the party and the guy with me is my instructor Tony from Mobile, Alabama.
Go up at 630 and off to my school to teach.   I was tasked to teach how you use Recently and Lately...So Recently, I saw a tree in the park....I have been dining at 630 PM lately.   Try to get that point across to people who have a fully logical language.   But we had some success, they know you don't Lately, take up basketball but more likely recently.  Picture of my class posted.
Today was also graduation at Chiang Mai University as the spring semester is over and they are now off to get jobs while the undergraduates start summer recess.  So all over campus today students were around in their black caps,  gowns and very very colorful scarves indicating their major.   They also were all wearing white suits under the gowns.   It was cool to see them riding around on their motorbikes with robes blowing behind them holding  their mortar boards for dear life.   I have posted a picture of the flowers the graduates got.  
Then I headed to home and stopped at my favorite local coffee shop ..Thai version of Starbucks ...note it is outside and lovely setting and right by my apartment.  I also thought I would show you my drink  Thai Ice Tea...just 25 cents.  
So tomorrow a new school for me...and a new lesson...present tense simple sentences.  
Tonight I am going to see my b b q lady...She knows me know now, so tonight I will try to get a picture of her for all of you to see.  
So enjoy the pictures and oh by the way it was 92 here today...We are dying in a heat wave...But a cold front is enroute so we will be back in the 70's on Friday.  

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