Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 30 We Are DONE!

So here is the Friday posting that I was too tired to do on Friday. I took (past simple verb) the grammar (adjective) test along with some others on Friday morning. I got a comfortable mark which means that I got my diploma in a purple folder. Purple is a huge color here as it is the color of the royal family here in Thailand. Miles, Tom and I went to lunch at one of our favorite hangouts and then Miles and I set off to find the bookstore. Now remember we had some vague directions from Karim our administrator...He was the one that gave me the outdated map of the campus. Well after some real searching we achieved success and located the bookstore. BUT No t-shirts...Well not exactly T shirts for westerners. These would have fit my cat Spook and not me. Here in Thailand virtually everyone has a 26 inch waist, weighs about 132 pounds and is about 5 1/2 feet tall more or less. We had to settle for a purple umbrella and a hat that says Chiang Mai University. So Miles and I parted company - he is off to Hawaii, which is home...Just down the block from Barack Obama's holiday place. I went in to town to do my last walkabout. Kind of happy and sad at the same time. Happy to be ready to start yet a new adventure...long train ride..Sad because I really like this place. 76 degrees more or less everyday in Jan...How bad can that be. However, the heat is coming...
Then I headed to the Italian restaurant where I had Pasta Arrabiata whih was really really great. I told the chef it was as good as what I have had in the west..(where you all live) .
He gave me a nose high wai which is a huge honor and I was on my way home for the last walk from downtown. I stopped at my chicken lady (noun phrase) to give her a good bye and teach her 3 more English words then to my pineapple lady and then packed up my room.
Today I will have a massage and facial, body scrub at the Oasis Spa here in Chiang Mai and then the choo choo ride to Bangkok. (BKK)..I will tell you about both from BKK tomorrow..
No pictures today but will have some tomorrow for you..I promise...Well that is providing I find a internet cafe in BKK. What a silly thing to say - one thing they have lots of here is internet cafes and 7 elevens.


  1. And your grammar on this posting was not so great.... "have a glass of wine and celebrated"... I believe that you meant "had a glass of wine and celebrated" OR are did you mean "have a glass of wine and celebrate" (For us to celebrate for you?) However reading the remainder of the post seems to be that the group in Thailand celebrated too much.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  2. Mazel tov.
    After celebrating ( imbibing) who worries about grammar - Just try not to slur the words.
    And please don't come back as a pedantic junior high school english teacher type.