Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 I am on my own

I did it I have been cut free to write and do my own lesson tomorrow.   I will be up half the night working on it. BUT it is going to be great tomorrow standing in front of the class and knowing I did it all...pictures, context, communicative activity the works....YEA.. Of course I will be taking time out at exactly MIDNIGHT to watch the Presidential event of the century. MY nephew Ryan and his mom my sister will be in the crowd on the mall so I will be on the lookout to see if I can spot them.
I will try to add more to this later but I honestly have to get back to work on this as I have many hours of work yet to do before I can kick back and relax and watch President Obama's...yes that sounds good speech
We had a Buddhist monk come in this morning to our class and offer a blessing to all the Americans in the class for a blessed future under our new President...It was a very moving experience for me as he was my guy from the beginning.
Remember 1200 noon today Eastern Standard time...the world will be watching


  1. Yes this is a GREAT day... the atmosphere here in the USA is of great joy with the date finally here -- getting a new president - Mr. Obama (may I use President Obama) is an articulate and BRILLIANT man... we now pray that he can succeed in turning our country around and returning to the values that our founding fathers put into the constitution (and which the outgoing administration chose to run roughshod over and ignore when it was convenient for them.) God bless Barack and his team.

  2. Oh and congratulations David on YOUR major accomplishment...(sorry,for not saying that in the previous post -- I'm caught up in the excitement of the inauguration day.)