Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 35 Evening entertainment and Rocks from Above

So when I left off last night I was about to head off to dinner and the Petronas towers to get some night shots.     I went to a nice little Italian place around the corner that made an Italian dish with a Malay fare.   While I was there, I engaged in a conversation with two young men originally from Pakistan now living in Malaysia.   We talked about Barack, Gaza, nuclear energy and a range of other topics..not the least of which why they were drinking alcohol.  So the first pictures are of the guys who are also now reading my blog.  One is a web designer so I suspect I will be hearing about enhancement possibilities.
This morning I had my normal great Asian breakfast, I might just toss corn flakes after this trip..I am getting used to noodles and rice.   Then I went to the bus station to get my ticket for Melaka will like tomorrow's blog Melaka is suppose to be a terrific place to go.
Then I did a little train riding to get to the park area of KL as well as the museum of Islamic art.  I spent about two hours in the museum, which showed photographs of Islamic people at work on all continents.  It was one of the finest photography displays I have ever seen.   
Then up the trail to the butterfly park, when a rock landed at my feet.   Now I know this was not a meteor or some parts from the recently launched Iranian rocket but a real earth rock.  So when rocks fall from above what do you do but look up and I spotted a family of monkeys all staring at me.  They were kind of saying, OK now we are here, get the camera out and start to photograph us.  So I shot lots of pics of them and you will see one of the best posted.  We engaged for a few minutes and then I moved on and they made cheering sounds as I left.  At least they did not pee on me like they did on my friend Jill several years ago.   
I trudged up the hill...not so long but it was kind of hot and humid so I just took my time and arrived at the butterfly park.   Lots of great butterflies but the FLY piece is what makes them hard to photograph.   Just when you think you got it they take off.   However, patience finally paid off and I got one to just sit on a flower and flap his/her wings.    She/He is on today's blog.  Then I went to the orchid park and saw some great orchids...I changed the pic at the bottom of my blog...Time to represent nature.
I stopped at my Swarmee and hubbly bubbly restaurant to grab a meal and headed home to the Concorde hotel.  
Now I am back in my room and just going to hang out, go to the pool take a swim and chill for the evening...I had a great day.....

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  1. Wow -- what GREAT pictures.... only two more days until we both arrive in SIN.....