Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 38 Singapore and the start of the cruise

Pictures in order are
The American University in Singapore (note the flag)
The botanical garden entrance
Me in the waterfalls
First orchid pictures
Paul in the garden
Pictures from the botanical garden
Shot from orchard street note how wide the sidewalk is
Inside one of the 100 plus shopping malls one bigger than the next..

Yesterday, we spent the day exploring the city of Singapore. This was my 3rd trip here and this time I have to say I can appreciate the positive things about the city. It is well organized and VERY clean, the first time here I thought perhaps over clean. It is pretty perfect in all ways and they do have some funny laws, no gum chewing anywhere, you may not pee in the elevator (that does make sense) and of course no durians on the subways.
The botanical garden was beautiful and the collection of orchids was like none other we had ever seen. Today, we board a cruise ship and are going up the straits of Melaka to Penang in Malaysia. I think the best way to explain Singapore is to give you some visual images of what we have seen in the last 24 hours. It is unlike anything I have seen in the last month and has its own merits. I miss the hectic life of Thailand but can appreciate the more organized life that people have here.
I will not likely be posting for a day or two as we are going to be out on a ship but will try to give you an update from Penang.
Enjoy the beauty of Singapore!... Especially that which nature has created...The picture of the orchids only give you a small glimpse of their true beauty.

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