Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 36 Melaka(Malay) ...Malacca(English) Finally Pictures

The day did not start out terrific, had an intense discussion with a KL taxi driver and could not come up with what I considered to be a fair price to take me from my hotel to the bus station. I grabbed my 3 bags threw them over my shoulder and decided to take the train to the bus station. Got sorted at the bus station and was on my way. The bus ride was great, watched the movie Changeling on the way. Brillant acting on Ang Jolie's part and soon it was time to get off the bus in Melaka.

When the liberty bell in Philadelphia was still just iron ore in the hills of Britain and the British empire was not yet invented, Malacca was a thriving port in Asia. It is located right on the straits of Malacca and was quite close to the Tsumani of Boxing Day several years ago. It truly is a smogasbord of things to see. The Chinese culture is everywhere and today I had real Chinese food for the first time on my trip. Andy, don't be shocked I really ate Chinese food, however interesting ingredients. Sweet and sour fish with corn and beans in it. So a little bit from Asia, corn from the Americas and of course beans from the UK.

You can see the straits from town and it is FULL of ships as this is one of the most travelled channels in the world. It is only a short ferry ride across to Sumatra in Indonesia.

I did all the important town sights, Chinatown, St Paul's church ruins, the new waterfront ..3 ice tea stops guessed it hot and humid.

Spent some time in some really interesting antique shops who were full of Asian antiques. Yes I walked away with one item a 65 year old tea box.

Tomorrow, I will do some more street walking and then head to the bus terminal for my final sector ...Singapore just 4 hours south of me via bus. I will try and post pictures later but I am working in an internet cafe and it is really slow so the pics might have to wait till tomorrow.

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