Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Wrap UP

So now back home in the USA so let me give you an update from when I last posted.  The cruise line was pretty remarkable in the service they provided.   We were on the 10th deck and so pretty close to all the ship's activity.  They had several different restuarants, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Continental.   You had a choice of restaurants to go to but we found that the Indian had some of the best meals so went there pretty often.  So some of the highlights of the cruise were getting a great massage using hot rocks...quite an experience.  Having dinner at the captians table one night...I got to sit next to the safety officier and you all know me..QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS.   Did you know that it only takes a ship 21 seconds to pass you by if you decide to jump off the front of the ship?   They had these great gymnasts from China who performed on two different nights.    
It was a great way to wrap up the life experience in Chiang Mai, to be able to chill for a few days on a cruise ship.  
So here are some pictures of the cruise to kind of give you an idea of how cool it was. 

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  1. oh, wow, I hope we're allowed to check out these lovely views. *A pity I'm not there myself to enjoy the luxury... plus the fun.