Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 37 Melaka and Singapore

I got up early in the morning to capture the city before the sun came up. It is hard to describe in words or even pictures how beautiful the place is. Standing next to buildings that were more than 500 years old and in some cases owned by the original families gives you a real feeling of what a blip in time each of us is. I only had a limited amount of morning time and then I had to head off to my next adventure, Singapore. The bus station, brand new and much less chaotic than in K.L., was easy to figure out.. Lots of vendors selling seats to Singapore, so all you had to do was choose your time and a ticket could be had. When I got to the stand, a family from Singapore decided that I needed to be adopted. The wife told me where to put my luggage so it would safe, which seat to sit on the bus for the best views...Turns out to be the right side window. I got a narrative all the way to the border. Kilometer after kilometer of palm groves and then rubber trees. I even saw a durian grove..almost ready -- fruit is ripe in April. The border crossing was slick, you pulled up jumped out of the bus, went through immigration and the bus was waiting on the other side for you. That took care of Malaysia. Then you go about 1 kilometer and you hit the Singapore crossing...There is a sign there that says trafficking of drugs is punishable by death. I guess if you you don't get it at that point you may well die. Singapore crossing equally as easy but the Malaysian border station was much nicer.

Then onto the bus station in Singapore, a taxi ride and I am at my hotel on Scotts Road right in the city center. Tomorrow you will get a few pictures of this city that can only be described as follows: take Miami and dust it off, then eliminate ALL the crime ..plant a LOT more trees and you have Singapore. The pictures will paint a better picture for you. So enjoy these last few pictures of Melaka and get ready for Singapore.

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