Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 34 High Up...Big Rain and a tourist with too many cameras

What a day this was...To say it is hot is an understatement BUT you go with the flow, drink lots of ice tea and take it slow and enjoy.  First went to the Petronas Towers to get tickets for the bridge.  42 stories up in the air and NOTHING under you except air.  Took lots of pictures of the building and and got my ticket for 4:15PM  right at the moment it usually rains here in KL.  Get a load of the tourist with 3 cameras...
Off then to the part of the city called Bukit Bintang where they have lots of places to shop, and eat.   Took a look at the biggest computer mall I have ever seen, 6 floors of computers in all shapes and sizes.  Guess who showed up again, yes the dragon!!   He and a fellow dragon were wishing the stores good luck by dancing around.   Remember we are still in the middle of Chinese New Years celebration here.  
 Then stopped for lunch at a local kebab shop and hubbly bubbly all combined into one.   Now what was interesting is that the tables were wedged in between the grills so here we are 90 plus degrees and surrounded by hot grills.  One of the local guys was smoking the hubbly bubbly...not illegal stuff just flavored tobacco.   They are included in my display today.
The day just rocketed by trying to take in everything and of course stopping for endless rounds of ice tea.    
So back to the Petronas tower and the ride to the sky bridge.   What a view and while I was there a HUGE thunderstorm hit KL.  We are talking intense rain here. and lots of it.   I know you in London got snow and are totally paralyzed but this stuff was really pouring down.  A picture of the palm trees being drenched is shown.  
Now the issue was to get home...I am only about a 15 minute walk from the towers but I did not want to look like a drowned rat when I got to the hotel.  So did a little bit of riding around on the trains to get to my house.   No direct connection so had to do a lot of crisscrossing to get back to the hotel.  
So overall a great day...great food and great people.  Oh yea one guy wanted me to try some durian so I thought well just maybe I will try the durian chocolate this trip.
Till tomorrow...Have a great day...

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  1. Why don't you bring me a piece of Durian Chocolate -- maybe I might like it? And maybe we'll bring some back for Pete and Jim -- since they seem eager to try it also.